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Custom Handgun Conversions

Custom Single Action Conversions

Ruger Single Action and Freedom Arms

#1.) Traditional Single Action Conversion for Stainless or Blued Guns **
Mag-Na-Port Process; Cut and Crown; remount Sight
**All Blued Firearms require refinishing

#2.) NEW! Single Action Conversion for Stainless or Blued Guns
Requires no refinishing
Mag-Na-Port Process, Cut, Crown, remount front sight,(drilled, tapped, & counter bored)

Velvet Hone Finish (Stainless Steel guns only)
Reblue Barrel and Frame . . P.O.R.
Reblue Complete Gun . . P.O.R.

Mag-Na-Brake your. . . 454 Casull, Ruger Super Redhawk, Ruger
SBH, Lone Eagle, or T/C Contender

New heavy weight, better shock efficiency, round barrels only. Require sight removal or ½" space in front. Available in blue, stainless, with thread protector at no additional charge.

Mag-Na-Brake installed . $237.50
Remove front Sight and clean up barrel
Ruger SBH & SRH . . $55.00
Freedom Arms .. $55.00
Remove and reinstall front sight (solder) .. $195.00
Reinstall front sight (drill & Tap) .. $55.00
Not available on barrel lengths less than 7 ½ "
Re-Glass Bead Barrel & Frame $45.00

Custom Double Action Conversions

Smith & Wesson (K,L & N Frame) & Ruger Redhawks

Mag-Na-Port Process; Cut and Crown; Remount Baughman Sight
Refinishing not included if cut under 4" or into factory lettering, remove lettering and etch new logos.

Ruger Super Redhawk
Mag-Na-Port Process; cut and crown; remount sight Freedom arms Base and Sight Blade Additional

Our Newest Conversion. . . The Mini Anaconda

Mag-Na-Port's newest snubnose is built using a factory six or eight inch Colt Anaconda. This conversion includes; cutting the barrel to 2 ¾", inverting the muzzle crown, remounting the front sight blade, the Mag-Na-Port process, removing factory lettering, apply custom logos, general smoothup, recut the forcing cone, and a velvet hone finish . . P.O.R. Double Dent Lockip option $75.00 ADDITIONAL.

The Predator

One of Mag-Na-Port's most popular conversions, "The Predator", a Ruger Super Blackhawk. The conversion includes shortening the barrel to 4 5/8"; Inverted Muzzle Crown; the famous Mag-Na-Port Process; C-More Sights; Action Job; Velvet Hone Finish, Omega White-Outline Rear Sight; Polished Hammer, Trigger, Ejector Rod and Center Pin.

Conversion Only, on your gun . . P.O.R.

Combat Mini .44 Magnum Conversion

A 2 ½" or 3" Conversion only
A custom design for maximum concealability, using a Smith & Wesson 29, 629, 25 or 57 or on any N-Frame revolver. Rework grip frame to round butt k-frame; Mag-Na-Port process; Cut and crown barrel, furnish and remount Baughman front sight; Installation of front locking device; Colored front sight insert, yellow or red; Combat trigger conversion; Semi-bob hammer; Fine tune action. Velvet Hone Finish. (P.O.R.)

Pachmayr Grips are available, P.O.R.

Mag-na-port also brings you. . . these custom conversions designed for Handgun Hunting.

The Smith & Wesson Stalker

The double action Smith & Wesson Stalker features: Smith & Wesson Stainless Steel Model 629 with an 8 3/8" barrel length; Swivels, Studs, Nylon Sling; Forcing Cone recut to 11°; Action Job; Mag-Na-Port Process, Inverted Crown at Muzzle; Velvet Hone Finish Polished Hammer and Trigger; Pachmayr Presentation Grips and three ring scope mount.

These Conversions available on your 629, 29 & 57. P.O.R.

The Ruger Super Blackhawk Stalker and Freedom Arms

Using your 10 ½" Super Black Hawk or .454 Casull. . Cut and Crown Barrel to 8 3/8", Mag-Na-Port Process, Action Job, Inverted Muzzle Crown, Three-Ring Mount and Base, Velvet Hone Finish, Polished Hammer and Trigger, Sling, Swivels and Studs . . P.O.R.

All Stalker Conversions include etching of "Mag-Na-Port Custom" on the gun.

Super Redhawk .480 Advantage Conversion

The new Ruger SuperRedhawk .480 is shortened to a 4.80" barrel length. Fine tuned action and crisp trigger, inverted muzzle crown, velvet hone finish, jeweled and polished hammer and trigger. The weight of the gun combined with the dual trapezoidal Mag-na-porting makes for easy double action shooting. Factory lettering is removed and the caliber and .480 Advantage logo are added . . . . P.O.R.

Super Redhawk .454 Conversion

Our custom team gave this new gun a new look with a recessed muzzle crown, a slick custom trigger job, and dual trapezoidal Mag-na-porting to tame the heavy recoil of the .454. The Hammer and trigger have been jeweled and polished, the muzzle and cylinder have distinctive dual polished pinstripes, and the entire gun has a soft velvet hone finish. The package it topped off with the Mag-na-port logo on the barrel . . . . P.O.R.

Return shipping and insurance charges are in addition to the Cost of Service.

Note: Call or email for a price quote on custom conversions.

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