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Porting Services Price List
Revolvers (standard 2 port) $99.50
Revolvers, Single Shot, or large caliber pistols,
7 1/2 (4 Port Rifle Style)
Revolvers (4 Port Dual Traps) minimum 3" barrel $147.50
Revolvers (4 Port Quadraport) 2 1/2" barrels only $147.50
Revolvers (S & W Ti, Scandium or Taurus - CIA) $165.00
Revolvers S&W 500 or 329PD with 4-Ports $235.00
Semi-Automatic Pistols (through slide and barrel) $175.00
Rifles - Mag-na-port $169.50
Rifles - Banded front sights ( 2 ports only) $119.50
Rifles - Mag-na-Brake installation $237.50
Standard Pro-Port / Single Row of 11
Single barrel $99.50
Over/Under both barrels $175.00
Over/Under bottom barrel only $115.00
Side-by-side $135.00
Pigeon Porting (Prices per barrel)
When done with standard porting $25.00
Added to Pro-Ported barrel $75.00
Non-Conductive Finishes & Heavy Bull Barrels - Additional Charge $37.50
Miscellaneous Services
EDM Skeltonized Hammer $55.00
EDM Skeltonized Trigger Guard $125.00
Jewel and Polish Trigger and Hammer $75.00
Polish Trigger and Hammer $65.00
Inverted Muzzle Crown $75.00
Front Sight Insert, Installed on Your Gun (Red or Orange) $75.00
Omega Outline Rear Sight Blade (White) for Ruger Revolvers $17.50
White Outline for Smith & Wesson cut & inlayed in customer sight $55.00
Gold or Silver Inlay of Letters, Logo, etc. $35.00
Combat Trigger Conversion Smooth Face & Polish $65.00
Dehorn or Mini Bob Hammer $65.00
Modify N-Frame Square Butt to Round Butt N-Frame $165.00
C-More Sights (Ruger pinned & Colt Python Double Pinned) $25.00
C-More Sights (Colt Anaconda and Smith & Wesson Pinned) Fit for proper height $55.00
C-More Sights Conversion, (Ruger and Smith & Wesson w/Integral Sights)
* We mill off sight blade and E.D.M. a pocket in the base or ramp to accept the CMore blade, then drill through the side of the ramp base and blade to insert a roll pin which holds the CMore sight in place.
Swivel Studs Installed (for stainless steel guns only, blued firearms will require refinishing) $165.00
Cut & Crown Barrel 8 3/8 $75 - $95
Cut and Crown Hunter Model or Rubbed Barrels $95.00
Leupold Scopes P.O.R.
Install Scope Mount with 3 Rings - Call or email for pricing  
Install Scope and Bore Sight, additional
(with installation of Mount)
Double Detent Lockup $75.00
Action Jobs - Check headspace, cylinder gap, smooth internal parts to remove creep, lighten trigger pull, timing work, recut forcing cone, and number chambers. Not available at this time.  
Ruger Single Action T.B.D.
Ruger and Smith & Wesson Double Action T.B.D.
Freedom Arms T.B.D.
General Smooth Up - Number chambers, check forcing cone, install Wolf springs  
Double Action $135.00
Single Action * $75.00
* Additional Timing if Needed $55 - $75
Recut Forcing Cone to 11 $35.00
Number chambers $25.00
Stainless Steel Handguns
Velvet Hone Finish $145.00
S&W X-Frame $165.00
Polish Cylinder, Flutes, Cylinder Release and Ejector Rod $85.00
Relieve Trigger Guard $85.00
Relieve and Polish Trigger Guard
Specify right or left hand.
Pinstriping barrel or cylinder (2 bands) $85.00
Pinstriping barrel or cylinder (3 bands) $95.00
Etch Mag-Na-Port logo $35.00

1. Prices subject to change without notice.
2. Return shipping and insurance charges are in addition to the above prices.
3. Additional charges apply to S&W X Frame Revolvers.
4. A 2.5% fee applies to all credit card transactions.
5. Non-Warranty service billed at $65.00/hr plus parts plus $40.00 Shipping and Handling.
6. Minimum Shop Charge is $60.00 plus Return Shipping and Insurance.

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