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Porting Services Price List
Revolvers (standard 2 port)$99.50
Revolvers, Single Shot, or large caliber pistols,
7 1/2 (4 Port Rifle Style)
Revolvers (4 Port Dual Traps) minimum 3" barrel$139.50
Revolvers (4 Port Quadraport) 2 1/2" barrels only$139.50
Revolvers (S & W Ti, Scandium or Taurus - CIA) $165.00
Revolvers S&W 500 or 329PD with 4-Ports $235.00
Semi-Automatic Pistols (through slide and barrel)$167.50
Rifles - Mag-na-port$155.00
Rifles - Banded front sights ( 2 ports only)$119.50
Rifles - Mag-na-Brake installation$237.50
Standard Pro-Port / Single Row of 11
Single barrel$99.50
Over/Under both barrels$167.50
Over/Under bottom barrel only$115.00
Pigeon Porting (Prices per barrel)
When done with standard porting$25.00
Added to Pro-Ported barrel$75.00
NonConductive Finishes & Heavy Bull Barrels - Additional Charge$20.00
Miscellaneous Services
EDM Skeltonized Hammer$55.00
EDM Skeltonized Trigger Guard$125.00
Jewel and Polish Trigger and Hammer$65.00
Polish Trigger and Hammer$55.00
Inverted Muzzle Crown$75.00
Front Sight Insert, Installed on Your Gun (Red or Orange)$75.00
Omega Outline Rear Sight Blade (White)$17.50
Omega Outline for Smith & Wesson$55.00
Factory Inlayed Smith & Wesson White OutLine$35.00
Gold or Silver Inlay of Letters, Logo, etc$35.00
Combat Trigger Conversion Smooth Face & Polish$55.00
Dehorn or Mini Bob Hammer$55.00
Modify N-Frame Square Butt to Round Butt K-Frame$165.00
C-More Sights (Ruger pinned & Colt Python Double Pinned)$25.00
C-More Sights (Colt Anaconda and Smith & Wesson Pinned) Fit for proper height$55.00
C-More Sights Conversion, (Ruger and Smith & Wesson w/Integral Sights)
* We mill off sight blade and E.D.M. a pocket in the base or ramp to accept the CMore blade, then drill through the side of the ramp base and blade to insert a roll pin which holds the CMore sight in place.
Swivel Studs InstalledP.O.R.
For stainless steel guns only, blued firearms will require refinishing.
Black Nylon Sling & SwivelsN/A
Cut & Crown Barrel 8 3/8$75.00
Cut and Crown Hunter Model or Rubbed Barrels$95.00
Leupold ScopesP.O.R.
Install Scope Mount with 3 Rings - Call or email for pricing 
Install Scope and Bore Sight, additional
(with installation of Mount)
Double Detent Lockup$75.00
Action Jobs - Check headspace, cylinder gap, smooth internal parts to remove creep, lighten trigger pull, timing work, recut forcing cone, and number chambers.
Ruger Single Action$135.00
Ruger and Smith & Wesson Double Action$195.00
Freedom Arms$135.00
General Smooth Up
Number chambers, recut forcing cone, Install Wolf Springs
Double Action $99.00
Single Action $75.00
Recut Forcing Cone to 11$35.00
Number chambers$25.00
Stainless Steel Handguns
Velvet Hone Finish$135.00
S&W X-Frame$155.00
Polish Cylinder, Flutes, Cylinder Release and Ejector Rod$85.00
Relieve Trigger Guard$85.00
Relieve and Polish Trigger Guard
Specify right or left hand.
Pinstriping barrel or cylinder (2 bands)$65.00
Pinstriping barrel or cylinder (3 bands)$75.00
Etch Mag-Na-Port logo$35.00

1. Prices subject to change without notice.
2. Return shipping and insurance charges are in addition to the above prices.
3. Additional charges apply to S&W X Frame Revolvers.
4. A 2.5% fee applies to all credit card transactions. 5. Non-Warranty service billed at $65.00/hr plus parts plus $40.00 Shipping and Handling. 6. Minimum Shop Charge is $60.00 plus Return Shipping and Insurance.

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