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Mag-na-porting Rifles       ($169.50)

Competitive riflemen and hunters know the importance of being able to squeeze off a fast, accurate second shot. Now Mag-na-port offers shooters recoil reducing options ranging from an average of 15% with our porting services up to 45% with our Mag-na-brake (actual reduction varies depending on caliber).

Mag-na-porting on a rifle consists of two trapezoidal ports and two oval ports cut into the barrel. Two are 180 degrees apart, on each side, approxiamately 1.5 inches from the muzzle; the other 50 degrees from each side of the top center line of the barrel, and located somewhat forward of those on the side of the barrel.

Porting on rifles with banded front sights is limited to two ports placed behind the sight band. Barrels less than .130 in wall thickness are too thin for porting services and are excellent candidates for the muzzle brake.

Our rifle services will contribute to your becoming a more proficient rifleman, and will make shooting - especially of the big bores - considerably more enjoyable.

The Mag-na-brake ($237.50 - Standard Installation)

Mag-na-port introduces the newest item to its product line of recoil reducing services. On the drawing board for a number of years, the Mag-na-brake is now available for installation. Designed so that it's not just "another muzzle brake", our goal has been to craft a product destined to be the best.

The Mag-na-brake is a little less than 2 inches long and is threaded onto the end of the muzzle. Uniquely designed with progressive integrated exhaust chambers for the most effective use of neutralizing expanding gases. Gases dissipate with an opposite twist to ensure the brake does not unscrew and with a forward angle to minimize the sound pressure level.

The muzzle brake is available for installation on most rifles and for round barreled revolver or single-shot pistols such as; RugerSRH, RugerSBH, or T/C Contender with a minimum barrel length of 7 1/2". Additional charges apply when additional services such as cutting, recrowning, or sight installation are performed.

"We set out to design a better muzzle brake ... and designed the best muzzle brake!"

The Mag-Na-Brake is available in the standard finishes of blue, satin-blue, and stainless (bright or satin). Other finishes available (P.O.R.)

Installation of the Mag-Na-Brake is available on any Freedom Arms Casull, T/C Contender, Ruger Super Redhawk, Ruger Blackhawk (Bull), or rifle.

** An Additional Charge of $35.00 applies to orders for Semi-auto & Lever actions not stripped down. **

** An Additional Charge of $35.00 for Blaser Barrels (Hardened Metal Fee). **

Varmint style available with 220 degree exhaust chambers to allow shooting in the prone position. (Currently available for barrels with a minimum OD of .750 and maximum OD of .875)

Charges do not include return shipping, handling and insurance.

SOUND ADVICE... We take hearing protection seriously at Mag-Na-Port.

NEVER SHOOT without hearing protection for the shooter and bystanders.

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